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Leaf Springs - Repairs / Extra Leaves / proper construction
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Repairs - an individual leaf in a spring pack can be replaced if broken or cracked as long as the leaf has not been broken too long and has not put extra stress on the remaining leaves.  We recommend having the leaf fit properly to the rest of the spring.   A leaf that has not been fit accurately will more than likely cause excess stress in the steel and cause premature breakage.   When repairing a spring or installing extra leaves we always install tip inserts at both ends of the leaves to reduce friction and prevent squeaking.  All leaves that we install are arched to fit to the spring to ensure that each leaf carries its fair share of the load.

Extra Leaves - adding an extra leaf is an economical way of increasing your truck spring capacity and or ride height.  The long full length leaf will give a better ride than a short leaf and reduce the chance of axle wrap.    But remember anything extra added to your leaf spring does not increase your vehicles gvwr. 

Detail Description
How to Measure a leaf spring Remove the spring from the vehicle. Do not take the spring apart.
Spring Width Measure the width of the spring then measure the thickness at the center bolt (all leaves together)
Free Arch Measure the free arch by holding a straight edge through the center line of the spring eye and measure from this lineto the top of the main leaf next to the centrebolt
Spring length Measure the "A" and "B" length of the Main leaf
Center Bolt Measure the diameter of the centrebolt
Eyes Measure the inside diameter of the spring eyes then measure the inside diameter of the bushings or enter the size of the eye bolt
Eye type Standard or straight eyes (upturned) Berlin eyes and reverse eyes (downturned)

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